And the journey still continues…..

So, I get the whole starting up a business was never going to be easy. In fact I thought it was going to be the hardest journey of my life……and then some!

On December 31st 2016, my friend asked me what my New Years resolution was and I simply said ‘to take a risk’, this is exactly what I did. I left my (paying) job to pursue the adventure and work every hour god sends to make it work, the result = we have a supplier, website being built, every area of social media you can shake a computer mouse at, layout design of the bus itself, logo and branding (it’s amazing!), accountant, bank account, alcohol license you name it! But the best part is…….we have a BUS!!!!!!!!! Still not landed in Nottingham until Saturday 16th (a week late but that’s another blog I’ll tell you about when I have a glass of wine next to me) but everyday is a progression. 

My point of this blog is to reassure you that whenever you are pursuing a dream that is totally out there, fear will get in the way of you moving forward and doing what you know will make you happy. A risk is a risk…..but that’s what makes the adventure so much more exciting and worth every tear, laugh, headache and doubt you ever had. 

So…….where is my damn bus??!!!!!!!!!

Author: Silvano's Prosecco & Patisserie

I am in the process of setting up a Prosecco and Patisserie Routemaster Bus (I know it's crazy but exciting!) and I would like you to follow mine and my sisters journey to show you where it all began and how we're progressing with the build of this mad idea that just popped into my head last year! Enjoy the adventure :)

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