Sometimes, Mum does know best!

You get the days when you think to yourself ‘this business is going to be amazing, everything is going to be fantastic’ etc. Then, nine times out of ten you have the days of ‘why the hell did I think of doing this, why didn’t anyone warn me about the arse ache starting this business, who the hell mentioned the word Routemaster!’. Apparently, these feelings are normal… google says.
Me and my sister are tough, within reason organised and have stainless steel balls when it comes to negotiating and standing up to a male dominating industry especially when it comes to mechanics. However, I had an incident with a bus mechanic who was (to put it politely) very rude. So what did I do I hear you ask, well I’m going to tell you…….I CRIED! Yep, I cried like a little girl because this man was the straw that broke my camel back after weeks of anxiety trying to find a place to park the bus, the process of converting the heap of metal, website launch etc etc.
Luckily at that point, my Mum was at the house making a cup of tea (as she does) and asked what had happened, who this man was and listened to me crying. She stared at me with those big blue eyes and casually said she was off to the shop to buy some more milk……………
One hour later she came home (minus any milk) with a big smile on her face to say she drove to the mechanics, had a long chat with the bull (ha ha) and negotiated to help us with the towing and the mechanics itself with no drama what so ever! And then ask me what I did……..I cried again!!!!

So, all of this week I have asked Mum (this is mama Dawn herself who is the bespoke ice cream maker, wait til you try the cherry and amaretto ice cream but I won’t say too much) to make all of my phone calls to find a covered place to park the bus and not only did she sort that but she also found another bus mechanic who is better than the bull and is freelance which saves us driving everywhere! She did a magic job!
My point of this blog is to say that when you are really struggling to move forward with the business and things get on top of you so much that you can’t see the wood through the trees…..ask your mum for help! No one in the world will mess with someone’s Mum especially our mum! So, have a little faith in them and it is true what they say, Mum’s really do know best when it comes to solving a problem.



Author: Silvano's Prosecco & Patisserie

I am in the process of setting up a Prosecco and Patisserie Routemaster Bus (I know it's crazy but exciting!) and I would like you to follow mine and my sisters journey to show you where it all began and how we're progressing with the build of this mad idea that just popped into my head last year! Enjoy the adventure :)

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