Sometimes, Mum does know best!

You get the days when you think to yourself ‘this business is going to be amazing, everything is going to be fantastic’ etc. Then, nine times out of ten you have the days of ‘why the hell did I think of doing this, why didn’t anyone warn me about the arse ache starting this business, who the hell mentioned the word Routemaster!’. Apparently, these feelings are normal… google says.
Me and my sister are tough, within reason organised and have stainless steel balls when it comes to negotiating and standing up to a male dominating industry especially when it comes to mechanics. However, I had an incident with a bus mechanic who was (to put it politely) very rude. So what did I do I hear you ask, well I’m going to tell you…….I CRIED! Yep, I cried like a little girl because this man was the straw that broke my camel back after weeks of anxiety trying to find a place to park the bus, the process of converting the heap of metal, website launch etc etc.
Luckily at that point, my Mum was at the house making a cup of tea (as she does) and asked what had happened, who this man was and listened to me crying. She stared at me with those big blue eyes and casually said she was off to the shop to buy some more milk……………
One hour later she came home (minus any milk) with a big smile on her face to say she drove to the mechanics, had a long chat with the bull (ha ha) and negotiated to help us with the towing and the mechanics itself with no drama what so ever! And then ask me what I did……..I cried again!!!!

So, all of this week I have asked Mum (this is mama Dawn herself who is the bespoke ice cream maker, wait til you try the cherry and amaretto ice cream but I won’t say too much) to make all of my phone calls to find a covered place to park the bus and not only did she sort that but she also found another bus mechanic who is better than the bull and is freelance which saves us driving everywhere! She did a magic job!
My point of this blog is to say that when you are really struggling to move forward with the business and things get on top of you so much that you can’t see the wood through the trees…..ask your mum for help! No one in the world will mess with someone’s Mum especially our mum! So, have a little faith in them and it is true what they say, Mum’s really do know best when it comes to solving a problem.



Final thoughts of 2017

So……here we are at the end of 2017!

Just because it is the end of the year does not mean it is the end of an era, it can only mean that 2018 is going to be a very, VERY busy year.

To sum it all up, we have the following:

  • A logo
  • A website
  • Every area of social media you can imagine
  • Business cards (being printed)
  • An accountant (little old Alan)
  • Suppliers for the Prosecco & Patisserie (it tastes SSSSOOOOOOOO good)
  • A business bank account
  • PR company
  • People asking for bookings already (hand me a brown paper bag)
  • A company doing the whole conversion

Considering we only started creating these foundations since April this year, we have achieved so much but I do feel we still have a lot more work to do. We have assessed the competition, targeted audiences and we have worked as hard as we can whilst still holding full time jobs and maintaining sanity (easy enough with Prosecco).

I would be lying if I said the next year isn’t scaring me but I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t incredibly excited!!!!

Next stop, we need to find a unit for the bus. These are as easy to find as what the bus was (can you sense the sarcasm?) plus…how much do they cost???!!!!

I wish you all an amazing New Year and you will be hearing from Silvano’s Ltd with full force in the New Year….Salute!

And the journey still continues…..

So, I get the whole starting up a business was never going to be easy. In fact I thought it was going to be the hardest journey of my life……and then some!

On December 31st 2016, my friend asked me what my New Years resolution was and I simply said ‘to take a risk’, this is exactly what I did. I left my (paying) job to pursue the adventure and work every hour god sends to make it work, the result = we have a supplier, website being built, every area of social media you can shake a computer mouse at, layout design of the bus itself, logo and branding (it’s amazing!), accountant, bank account, alcohol license you name it! But the best part is…….we have a BUS!!!!!!!!! Still not landed in Nottingham until Saturday 16th (a week late but that’s another blog I’ll tell you about when I have a glass of wine next to me) but everyday is a progression. 

My point of this blog is to reassure you that whenever you are pursuing a dream that is totally out there, fear will get in the way of you moving forward and doing what you know will make you happy. A risk is a risk…..but that’s what makes the adventure so much more exciting and worth every tear, laugh, headache and doubt you ever had. 

So…….where is my damn bus??!!!!!!!!!

We’re on the road to…..Poland


That’s right, where else better to look for an English Route master bus than Poland! Searching for our dream bus has highlighted just how few there are left in the UK and how valuable they are. So, we did a little google search, found a little bus in Poland, booked the flights, and made a celebratory cup of tea.


What could go wrong I hear you say……


Well, we get to the airport on time (we being myself and my older sister, who has a degree may I add), we go through security, find a bar and have a pint (we are ladies after all), start celebrating when suddenly I get the look……..

I know that look……it can only mean one thing.




Further updates to come on whether we manage to actually get on our flight….

We’re gonna need a bigger fork!


One of the perks of researching products for this mad idea of a Prosecco bus…is sampling the goods! On today’s sampling menu are the cakes!! And I mean lots of cakes! Today, we welcomed an Italian representative from a well known company called Ticco based down south. They supply high end Italian consumables for restaurants such as Zizzi and Veeno’s, so you can imagine our excitement when he arrived with 3kg of cakes to sample (someone put the kettle on!).


First up, a lemon cream filled sfogliatella (try saying that after a bottle of prosecco) which originates from our home province of Campagna, specifically Naples. I wanted to try this as it is a tricky one to nail over here especially for the English culture who would think it looks more like a golden shell than a cake. Next on the agenda were the Sicilian cannoli filled with pistaccio cream. By far, my favourite!!!! These were just a couple of the patisserie marvels that will be available to us along with a wide range of top Italian branded produce that we, and probably you too are very familiar with.


The whole experience gave us much more clarity of how we want Silvanos P&P to be shaped and we’re more determined than ever to bring to you a luxury corporate bus that will not fail to impress.